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released April 5, 2012


all rights reserved



Dylan Viola New York

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Track Name: hallway
down a long list of hallways
on the back of the bus
where you're waiting forever
for the plot line to budge

while sickness improves
i think some bodies tried to tell you
but the hurricanes and money games
kept us all removed

always said it wasn't true
but lately there's been so much proof
i helped choreograph this epitaph
i'm praying won't get used

Because there's a lot left to do here
i mean we don't really know
anything about each other
or how to be alone

down here...
Track Name: happy
happy, so madly
vacant expression
what are you hoping i'll say?

my ideas, just don't seem to fit
swollen wish list
always getting in the way

but all of them can't come true
just get on with it fool!
it's just some ghost whispering to you

i'll try to tell you the truth
but i can't make it clear
why build an arc
if everything is new?
you ask how i feel
i want to see in the dark
i'm dizzy and bruised
then stubbornly healed
my eyes dart
all over your room
and i disappear
honey i don't know if your part
will be played by you
but we can find out
if that's all you want to do

'cause all your love can't be true
just get on with it fool!
it's just some ghost whispering to you
Track Name: someone
i took it upon myself
to see how i felt
to someone else
for someone else
so many tiny riddles to solve
when people get involved
you're so austere in your later years
you get so austere in your later years

and i'm still kidding
it's just not as funny
i'm still winning my little league games
but mom isn't watching
it all feels the same
except i have no reason to blame
for waiting, for still waiting for you

far be it from me
to say you are not free
it's your reality
that's your reality
so many tiny games to play
and bloody wars to wage
one day i'll get clear
on day i'll get clear
no wait...

i'm still lying
but not i try to betray it
i guess i'm starting to actually mean
the things i am saying
it all feels the same
except i have no reason to blame
for waiting, for still waiting for you
Track Name: child
happy child is waking up missing
we're talking like strangers in a storm, wishing
but i'm in full retreat, i'm counting sheep
when i'm supposed to be listening
happy child has gone to bed

but this is nothing new
it's the only thing i've ever done to you

so its back on your ledge or straight to bed
i find it exhausting
i can't settle down my balance is shit these days
i'm just too naive or too well read
to understand
the happy child is growing up
god damn

but this is nothing new
it's the only thing i was made to do
Track Name: god
i don't believe in love
i feel it
that's just how i take it in
my god is love
and sometimes there is no god
there's no god right now
and i could use a little falling down
i could do with some run around
i could play a game of lost and found

i want to be balanced with everyone
set a trap, fall in it
and swallow the key
i mean, honey could you please?
even if it's just a harmless tease
something i can keep up my sleeve
i want to have some memories
Track Name: moon
it's the last word
no more phases of the moon
now that i know there is no spoon
i'm gonna live with that too
the voices carry on
every letter is so loud
know what i mean?
no man, don't know what you're talking about

we're both ignorant
however we swing or swear or vote
stop putting yourself in their shows
c'mon, lets learn how to swim and then sink the boat
or just let it go
i don't know...
just stop moving so slow
Track Name: maybe it's just me
it's the beginning of the end
it's like us or them
a gold laying hen
trying to escape with her life
i don't want to sing along
i think you sing silly songs
i'm bored but i'm calm
and that makes me feel tired
and stupid and useless
not part of a solution
the division is too long
i'm not quite high enough to figure it out
and speaking of which
you semi-functional son of a bitch
is it possible you missed
whatever it is you say you're looking for

don't commit too soon you've got time to choose
win or lose, you'll either kiss or you'll bruise
i always seem to want to mix the two
better work that out while there's time to lose
so don't wait for me anymore
no one likes to be a chore
when it's something you find you'll afford
then take some time from me
but do as you please
that's my cup of tea
it's all i ever mean
if i say, 'would you like to have a drink on me?'

we drove to school
downhill both ways
when i was a kid
we didn't go when it snowed
or got sick
or simply didn't feel like it
every generation gets a bit un-easier

so straighten out or at least take a bow
but man don't have a cow if you can milk it for life
when you don't understand something give it time
our bodies can't read minds
this is how i feel
it's why i no longer kneel
life is such a melodramatic ordeal
i think it's hard enough to believe what's clearly real

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