Sugar Sick Baby

by Dylan Viola

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released November 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Dylan Viola New York

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Track Name: Yawning Yarn
eyelids tense
licking the air
cleaning the cogs
every breath on the lens
each drop in the pail
was once london fog

I guess it felt like I fell off the back of a truck
go on, ask where I'm from
worn all types of hat
been the goose, been a duck
chasing crumbs

while the heart keeps time
the hands collect dust
turning the page
losing lust
all the medicine
rotting in my guts
at the time was just enough
now it all seems a bit much

Keep having that dream where I can't close the door
the snow piles high, falls, and melts on the floor

every year i watch the green grass grow
from a chair by the window
where the actors in the show
get painted by number
and the soapboxes shift in the shadows
and the love crackles like thunder
where tides ebb and flow
all roads lead to rome
Track Name: Black Blues
one day you leave the sugar field
a collage of alleles
by the back of the neck
like a callow pet
feel the trigger squeeze
hear the starting gun
watch that microphone bleed
on a forked tongue

I still prefer walks
as opposed to talks
a bottled up boat
still floats
the white flag waves free
the west is won
on a silver screen
in an iron lung

theres a whale on the beach
theres a bug in the bed
the bull in the shop
is seeing red
why pay the blinds
if you always fold?
I hope I die
before I get that cold
Track Name: Spilling Signs
splashing flashes
bottled up underground
like a mother's eyes
wring your neck
hairs rise and pirouette
comb the mess
find the needle
follow the thread
where the burly beast lies asleep with a stack of hay in its head
we know you stabbed him in cold blood
your prints are on the steel
this ain't no whodunit
stop, catch your breath
strayed from the trail
pick up the scent
sometimes your nose is bent
but your eyes can't tell
some send their love
some send their hell
from up above
deep in the well
fits like a glove
rings like a bell
you were hollering in the hallway
but my ears couldn't tell
splashing flashes
bottled up underground
like a mother's eyes
wring your neck
hairs rise and pirouette
comb the mess
find the needle
follow the thread
where the burly beast lies asleep with a stack of hay in its head
Track Name: Lone Lullabye
cough it up
pay the man what's he's owed
move along seasick sailor
back down your rabbit hole

shooting from prone
drinking up supper
taking that tone
on way or another
makes me roll my eyes
oh brother

I'll write you off
as an outlaw
this time, I'll let it slide
as an outlier
as a victimless crime

looked through an opera glass
and a telescope
at an astrolabe
in a bag of dope
still haven't found neverland

once you learn the trick
you see the signs everywhere
gets a little old
the party line
I swear, the more age
the more it fucks me up like wine

go on, ride it off
like an outlaw
one night
slip by the sight lines
from the scene of the crime
Track Name: Guest Ghost
I'm a ghost in this machine
that don't scare anyone but me
a reflection in the glass
skating on the clock like the ice is going to break
just 'cause it has in the past

hanging round like a cloud getting poured
spend half a life trying to get warm
flying by through an open door
drawn to the light

I'm gonna suck your blood
'til I'm good and drunk
sail this ship 'til it's finally sunk
have a slice of life
when it's good and ripe

noone's keeping track
but the dominos get stacked
the show must go on
while you learn how to act
like someone you dreamed up
in some childish scheme

damn near dragged the lake
stop hooking the bait
rocking in that chair
the water is crystal clear
don't get scared, but
theres no fish down here
Track Name: Devil Dance
there's shifting winds on the rolling hearse
the lightning bolts are giving birth
25 years in the atmosphere
tell me, how the hell do I get back down to earth?
feel like a tourist here, come shake my hand
steal my watch, ruin my plans
everyone I once knew back home
is frozen in stone right where they used to stand

the devil dances with the lonely ones
the wallflower, shoe gazing, prodigal sons
the tall tale tellers holding smoking guns
glueing their feathers, flying to close to the sun

There's some food for thought, go on, lick your plate
once you've had enough walk away
after a while it all tastes the same
it gets harder to tell what you really ate
If I knew it once I don't know anymore
I dug waltzes then now I play four on the floor
the politics of love will eat your brains
long before you got time to learn the game
Track Name: Spider's Song
must have been about a thousand bugs
flying by the pool
thought it was a headwind
guess what it's a tailspin
straight down to the webbing
fresh with dew
the spider don't meet you
until it beats you
won't get a read through
the spider will sing
thanks for the supper
and thanks to your mother
for raising a sucker
with tasty wings

must have been about a thousand bugs
glowing all by themselves
speeding down the freeway
looking for a pay day
found nothing but a cheap date
drilling for wells
testing the waters
then jumping the border
a few sheep short of sleeping sound
the nights go unbroken
'cept tossing the tokens
'til a vacancy opens
somewhere in this town

must have stomped about a thousand bugs
who knows how many there was
acting like a kid
a little bourgeois pig
a bigger stick to swing
lofty and looming
complicit, swooning
soaked 'til pruned
inducing the days
like a tree trunk ramming
a predator clamoring
loans outstanding
time I took a taste
Track Name: Green Grass
I once had a dream that died in its sleep
14 years ago
buried deep in the yard, under the stars
in a bed of marigolds
born-again every now and then
like the flicker of a lightning bug
blind as a bat, stuck as a mule
stumbling like a lush

if pleasure and pain are your patron saints
you'll be chasing the dragon for life
like good george before grab your finest sword
ride to the lake and pick a fight
Nothing's as big as it seems like it is
once you put it in the past
from fire to clay at the end of the day
half of a glass

so much water gets spilled, swallowing pills
trying to rig the game
that could have helped something grow, or kept it afloat
or splashed a sleepy face
the golden geese
and the ugly ducks
play musical chairs
brushing their teeth
pressing their luck
playing truth or dare

the white whale blues
make green grass dreams
as the leaves begin to fall
without you and without me
the world turns swimmingly
ever after, after all

I'm sleeping good, putting rings in my wood
grinning like a shark
the water is clear, I can see for years
things glow in the dark
peter pan the family man
walking the plank for now
down Boardwalk and Park, ‘goin past start
have a night on the town

the echo moan of your chromosomes
can be outgrown
make a splash or repeat the past
to each their own
set the bridges ablaze if they're in your way
you're Casey at the bat
its a piece of cake
right over the plate
stick a fork in that

You'll need a sword and a pen to scratch out the end
hear the slate crack
now its in stone, everyone knows
your face looks like your mask
don't lose the muse, between the waves
or kill too many birds with one throw
this great big place is so far from the caves
treat it like your home
Track Name: Sweet Eleanor
sweet eleanor
don't hang your hat where you hang your head
sweet eleanor
throw the book back at them
lets fall asleep on a pile of leaves
you have sewn up your sleeve
slow company
and if the others go on strike
get on with the night
all the hands that you bit
are quite used to it

blowing into the sails like little kids do
the shelf life of each thought is so pale in the scope of the room
each pedal smells stale to the breadth of the bloom
blowing into the sails like land lubbers do

sweet eleanor
i'm pulling it together
i'm gonna shave my brain
sweet eleanor
can't tell worse from better
it's just a change in frame
think i was born on the fence
somewhere between Buddha and William Tell
one boot is sworn to the trench
the other is running like hell
Track Name: Smile Stupid
how many spoiled appetites
'til you learn to farm
'til the headless horsemen have to duel diagonal pawns
and all the restless children
don't have to be atlas
one basket of eggs
tucked in a mattress

its a gladiator game with pixel perfect blood
that you're ashamed to admit that you love
always looking at our neighbors work
slapping notes on the back of his shirt
rationing necessities
so the entertainment can stay free

to the righteous rabbits go the consensus, a room on the arc
to the desperate dogs a couple tennis balls and a place to sleep in the yard
where the silent snakes play wildcards
they lay in the grass
while stars and storms perform and pass
in the dark
Track Name: Wild Weeds
wild shadows, growing
like weeds
wheels keep hugging
as long as they get greased
people keep bugging
when they see the light
strings keep on strumming
whether or not the note is quite right
the hits keep on coming
the hymns keep on haunting
the halls are still humming
strange lullabies